Homes For Sale At The Mediterra Golf Course Naples Florida Community

If you are not happy with your current golf community, and you would like to try something new, you might want to consider Naples Mediterra property listings. This is a large member-owned 1600 acre golf resort community, one that has set aside over a thousand acres of natural land to preserve it. The golf courses are designed to navigate freely in the midst of all of these natural things. Everything is done to complement the other, so you will see beautiful long fairways, with greens at the end, surrounded by natural lakes and trees. The Club at Mediterra will have something that you are looking for, and this is what you can do to get the best home or condominium.

What Is The Average Cost Of Property At Mediterra

The average price for homes currently listed can range between $1 million and $7 million. Condos are more affordable, priced on average at $600,000. The type of homes that they have available is divided up into different neighborhoods within the community. You can go to a real estate website, or the official Mediterra website to see what is available. The price of the homes and condos is reflective of the quality of this golf community and how much land that there is. It’s also an indication of the quality of the golf courses that members use on a daily basis.

Mediterra Golf Courses

There are two of them at The Club at Mediterra. They were designed by Tom Fazio. They are quickly named The North Course and The South Course, both of which are extremely well designed. As you would expect, there are bunkers, sand traps, and the natural surroundings will integrate with the course itself. There are waterways, lakes, and an assortment of plant life and trees that will all create the perfect setting. Each one is designed differently so that you can build up your skills, and never get bored of the two golf courses at Mediterra. They are designed by a winner to help you become better at playing the game of golf. Additionally, you can also take lessons, or get pointers, from people that are at the actual clubhouse. Once you have found someone to help you, you can begin to improve your game rapidly. You will not, however, be able to play unless you have a membership.

How Much Do Membership Fees At Mediterra Cost?

The membership fees can differ depending upon which one you are getting. For instance, if you are getting the social membership fee where you can participate in all of the different social events, this is going to cost you about $30,000. On the other hand, if your primary focus is on a full golf membership fee, $100,000 is the cost. This is the price that you pay for such incredible workmanship on the golf courses that are exclusive to a maximum of 450 members that are allowed to play. For those that understand why they are paying these fees, it’s all about exclusivity. Not all people will be able to play on every single golf course in Naples, but for those that pay the fees at The Club at Mediterra, only a select group will have access to them.

Where Should You Start Looking For Homes For Sale?

The listings for the homes that are for sale will either be on the main The Club at Mediterra website, or on a real estate website that you can find online. Some individual realtors are very proficient at selling these properties. You will want to work with the ones that appear above the full them the search listings, and see what they have to offer. Some of them may have different houses that are not for sale on any other website, and this could be to your advantage. You will be able to get a special price on a house that is being sold at The Club at Mediterra, helping you to save money and also move into one of the premier golf communities in Naples.

The Club at Mediterra is a very elegant place, one that has an excellent clubhouse, golf courses, and homes. If you are fortunate enough to move into this golfing community, you will be very happy with the house that you purchase. Additionally, you have all of those activities as well as access to schools that you can do with other people that will be living there. You will also have access to the golf course after paying for the membership, helping you to start improving your game on these championship golf courses that are only available for members at Mediterra.